Tanuki Justice review — They don’t write ’em like that anymore

Tanuki Justice Review 1It’s hard to believe how much games have changed since the ’80s. Both arcade and console games often took less than an hour to beat, and that was perfectly fine. Some of our most memorable experiences are from those short, simple games. Tanuki Justice is one of those retro throwback games that looks and feels exactly like the classics. It’s extremely short and not especially unique, but its charming pixel graphics, challenging levels, and responsive controls make it well worth a play or three.
Tanuki Justice is basically a mid-80s arcade game. It would feel right at home on the NES, aside from the fact that it has infinite continues. You play as a tanuki, or raccoon dog, that is also some sort of ninja. The game can be played solo or with a friend, with one player being the brother tanuki and the other being the sister. The game has six stages, each ending with a boss battle. There’s a sort of seventh stage that’s just the final boss battle. Along the w…

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