Quinterra Early Access — Is it worth it or should you hold off?

Quinterra Worth It 1What’s Quinterra, you ask? Well, it’s not quite Runeterra, and it’s not quite Quintin Tarantino. But to answer your question, it bills itself as a rogue-lite strategy game that’s all about placing your units onto grids to best take control of situations. And beat wolf people and dino people to death. Can’t forget that. The game is entering Early Access, but the question stands: is it worth it? Or would you be better off waiting to see how it turns out first?
Quinterra has two options so far: a tutorial and expeditions. The tutorial is one of the more confusing that I’ve seen in recent memory. I can’t recall the last time I played through one and had little-to-no idea how to play the game. Even after putting some time into it, I’m still not quite sure about some of the fundamentals. The basic gist is that each expedition places you in a domain to conquer.
You begin at a set area with combat, merchant, and equipment nodes. Moving …

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