One Piece Odyssey Battle System Explained

One Piece Odyssey Battle System 1One Piece Odyssey has a lot of wrinkles in its battle system. Although you may have expected a very basic, familiar system to be in place, the game actually does something different that can take a bit of getting used to. You’ll need to understand weaknesses, areas, buffs, and attack ranges to make the most of the game’s combat, so this guide will break down everything you need to know to get Luffy one step closer to becoming King of the Pirates. Or at least getting off Waford in. . . one piece. Yeah, yeah, boo if you want.
To start with, One Piece Odyssey uses a rock-paper-scissors weakness system. There are three character types – power, speed, and technique. Power is good against speed, speed is good against technique, and technique is good against power. This works exactly as you’d expect. If a power character hits a speed character with any attacks, that speed character will take a much higher amount of damage. If a power character hits another power cha…

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