Monster Hunter Rise demo preview — Send backup

Monster Hunter Rise Preview 2I didn’t have high hopes for the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise from a technical standpoint. After all, Monster Hunter Stories 2‘s was noticeably held back by it being a Switch game, with pop-in, texture issues, etc. Monster Hunter Rise is still a few months away from releasing on PC and there’s a demo out tomorrow. I was provided access by Capcom to take an early swing at the demo and this is much better than I was expecting. If you’re like me and you were concerned about the game’s visual quality then rest assured, that’s wholly unnecessary.
Monster Hunter Rise‘s demo can be played either solo or multiplayer. There’s just one area, but three monsters to pick from along with a couple of tutorials. The first monster is a Great Izuchi, which the game conveys as perfect for beginners. Up next, you can kick things up a notch against a Mizutsune who is listed as intermediate. Then you’ve got the big boy — Magnamalo. Upon selecting a …

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