miHoYo is cracking down on Genshin Impact leakers, including a popular website

Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Floating World Under The Moonlight Guide Overview What's New Raiden Shogun Aloy La Signora Events The Catch Fishing Genesis CrystalsA big part of the Genshin Impact experience is the rumors and leaks you hear down the grapevine. Twitter posts, Reddit threads, and news stories always track down the latest news from notable leakers and post them for the community to see. However, leaking is always a huge source of controversy, with the potential for falsities and spoilers. But despite how you fit on the “pro-leak” or “anti-leak” spectrum, it appears they will slow down significantly as developer miHoYo is trying its best to stop the spoilers altogether.
This “leaker hunt decree” (a term floated around by the community) culminated with the cease and desist order of the website popular for leakers, Honey Hunter. The site is a prolific hub for Genshin Impact character data, creating a public domain to check out a character’s specific abilities, damage percentages, and even voicelines. But the site participated in using information and numbers from Genshin Impact beta tests an…

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