Lost in Random: Two Sides to Every Story sidequest — Where to find bloobs

Lost In Random Bloobs 5Lost in Random has a bunch of sidequests for players to take on. While you won’t see any of these in Onecroft, they pop up for real in Two-town, where you can find several. The game’s sidequests reward players with cards and currency (which is exclusively used to buy cards.) One of the very first sidequests you’ll come across requires you to locate and deliver three creatures called Bloobs. If you’re wondering where to find these Bloobs in Lost in Random, then this guide will tell you where to locate them
Once you enter the main square in Two-town, you’ll have a few new sidequests to take care of in this area. One of these is accepted simply by talking to the man with a face on both his front and back right by the square’s entrance. You can’t miss him. Once you do, both sides of the man will request that you find three creatures called Bloobs and return them to him. But you can return them to either side, so it’s up to you. Keep in min…

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