Lost in Random — Quick tips to get you rolling

Lost In Random TipsLost in Random is finally available for players to get, er, lost in and we’ve got some tips for new players.. To that end, this guide is aiming o get new dicewielders rolling sixes with the best of them.
Roll when your hand is full
You can roll Dicey whenever you have enough energy to draw even a single card. If the first card you end up rolling is one you need, you might be able to get away with it, but it’s usually better to wait until your hand is full before you roll. That goes double for if you have any cards that give you free extra numbers. This will become less necessary as Dicey becomes capable of rolling higher and higher numbers, however.
Weapon cards are the best
Sure, you can use the hazard and cheat cards to get the better of enemies, but in terms of usefulness, they simply can’t compare to weapons. The mace, spear, and explosive bow are going to always be your best bet for DPS. Almost none of the hazard or damage cards you use will be able to hurt an…

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