Lost in Random guide: The Baroness’s Tower and cannon board

Lost In Random Baroness CannonIn the game, four items are required to complete the third town’s questline. One of these sees Even going up against the Baroness, who is the daughter of the king fighting against her brothers for dominion over the town. Unlike her brothers, the Baroness requires a match to allow the player to acquire her item: Neeshka’s missing arm. You have to fight your way to Baroness and talk to her. She’ll allow you to challenge her shortly thereafter. The ensuing battle is different from every other one in Lost in Random, though, as it requires you to use a cannon to beat the enemy back.
Unlike other board games in Lost in Random, you don’t need to move the piece to the end of a course to win. The board itself is in a triangle formation and requires Even to move her piece so that she can fire upon the Baroness’s tower with a cannon. But it’s not that simple. There are two kinds of places for the piece to land on. One brings up a wall that protects Even from…

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