Lost in Random: A Reward to Die For word sidequest guide

Lost In Random Word SidequestOne of the sidequests in Lost in Random requires you to do a bit of a barter chain as part of a word sidequest. It’s called A Reward to Die For and you can get it from the lady to the left of the three dice door in Two-town’s main square. Before you can complete this quest, however, you need to have completed another quest. Little Joe needed saving from several angry robots, so make sure and rescue him. You’ll find him up the stairs after going through a walkway next to the multi-hatted man in the area right before the square. He’ll have mentioned a mysterious item called a Grubblegegger that you’ll need to acquire somehow. But we’ll come to that in a bit.
The lady in question is looking for a dice for her collection. Not like your dice, mind you. But a smaller dice. In order to get it, you’ll have to set up a barter chain. You’ve possibly already met everyone involved in this chain, which is simpler than it might sound. I’ve inc…

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