Junkyard Simulator Early Access — Is it worth it?

Junkyard Simulator Worth It 1A lot of questions jumped into my mind when I first heard about Junkyard Simulator. Most simulator games are very focused and specific, but this one seemed broad. After putting several hours into it, I think it may be too broad, although a lot of what it does is undeniably interesting. The game enters Early Access today and it’s supposed to stay that way for up to a year. Interestingly enough, this is already mostly a complete game, as the campaign is fully finishable, even if more features are still to come. But the question stands: is Junkyard Simulator worth it in Early Access?
Junkyard Simulator starts with the longest tutorial I’ve ever seen. This is not hyperbole. The tutorial lasts for literal hours. That’s how dense this game is with mechanics. I assumed the game would be about running a junkyard, and it is, sort of? It’s about a lot of things. The tutorial is messy and honestly doesn’t do that great of a job explaining things. Your first order …

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