How to play Gun Game early in Modern Warfare 2

How To Play Gun Game Early In Modern Warfare 2Recently, Call of Duty data miners found icons in the game files, with one believed to be hinting at the return of Gun Game. Due to its popularity in the past, fans are welcoming the leak with open arms. Although Gun Game can’t be played in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer right now, there is a way to play it early ahead of its launch.
If you aren’t familiar with Gun Game, its a Free-For-All game mode where each player cycles through the same set of weapons. Every time you get a kill, you’ll progress to the next weapon and the first to reach 18 kills is the winner. Your gun skill will be put to the test as you have to take down your opponents with everything from snipers to shotguns, submachine guns to rocket launchers, and more.
How to play Gun Game early in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
In order to set up Gun Game, create a private match in Modern Warfare 2. Choose ‘Free For All’ as the game mode. Then, select ‘Game Setup’ and enter the ‘G…

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