Fortnite donation boards feature the combat assault rifle and submachine gun

Fortnite Donation Boards Combat Assault Rifle Combat Submachine GunFortnite Season 8 has reintroduced the cubes that are on the move around the island. At the same time, developer Epic Games continues to add new content to freshen up the battle royale. One popular addition that has been made this season is the donation boards feature. These boards allow you to vote on how the season plays out. Already, we have seen donation boards in Fortnite feature sentry turrets, while the shockwave launcher and the rift-to-go battled it out to be unvaulted. Now, you can spend your gold bars to cast your vote as two more weapons go head-to-head. This time, the two weapons on the Fortnite donation boards are the combat assault rifle and combat submachine gun.
The combat assault rifle and combat submachine gun are powerful weapons in Fortnite. Described as having tight bullet spread and a lot of power, it is going to be a difficult choice between the two weapons. However, both have strong recoil that you will have to deal with in firefights.
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