Deathloop PvP guide: How to play as Julianna in PvP

Deathloop Julianna Pvp GuideJulianna is someone who will relentlessly hunt down Colt in Deathloop. Funnily enough, you can see how things go from her own perspective via online multiplayer. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you play as Julianna in PvP.
Note: For more information, check out our Deathloop guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.
Deathloop guide – How to unlock and play as Julianna in PvP
The “Break the Loop” option in Deathloop is basically the game’s campaign. In single-player mode, Julianna is controlled by the AI whenever she appears. If you pick online or friends-only mode, other players will get to use her (i.e., akin to PvP invasions in Dark Souls or Bloodborne).
Now, if you’ve played a bit of the campaign’s prologue, the “Protect the Loop” option will become available. This allows you to pick Julianna. You can invade a random timeline (those who picked online mode) and the c…

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