Dead Cells next DLC Fatal Falls releases late January, with sales detailed

Dead Cells Fatal Flaws Dlc 6Dead Cells‘ latest DLC now has a release date. Fatal Falls will be available for the game across all platforms starting on January 26. That’s some good news. The better news? It’ll only set you back $4.99 USD. And in even better news (well, for some), the base game and the bundle including all DLC will go for sale the day Fatal Falls releases. January 26 is now known as Dead Cells day.
Fatal Falls will introduce a heaping supply of new content when it launches in two weeks. It comes with two new biomes, The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores. Both of which are parallels to Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper areas. You will experience the new biomes somewhere mid-game, assuming you survive that long. Dead Cells veterans should have now worries, there. The DLC will also include a new boss, known as The Scarecrow. According to the release, The Scarecrow is an enemy “existing fans may recognize as the Royal Gardener gone wrong with Malaise.”

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