Calls for a boycott of Genshin Impact are growing, here’s why

Calls Of A Boycott Of Genshin Impact Are Growing, Here's Why. (1)If you are a fan of MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact, you may have seen a swell in social media posts regarding a boycott of the game. The hashtag, #boycottgenshinimpact, has been trending on Twitter of late, and it is causing people to sit up and take notice. While the current state of things is confusing, the agreement is that this is generally due to the depiction of race and representation in the game.
The movement seems to have built momentum thanks to a particular video shared on Twitter. A short clip of a tour of MiHoYo’s offices in Shanghai showed an artist working on the enemies known as the hilichurls. That is not exactly a flashpoint. However, some in the community are expressing concern that reference material of indigenous Americans forms the basis for these foes.
Whether this is true or not, it has led to a growing call to boycott Genshin Impact. In the game’s world, the hilichurls are a humanoid species that are commonly found. They wear tribal clothes…

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