A leaked survey suggests Fortnite Crew members could get new benefits

Fortnite Crew SurveyFortnite Crew members get monthly access to exclusive cosmetics, V-Bucks, and more. For instance, the current April pack features a cat-like hero known as Alli. Since the launch of the subscription service, it has received some mixed reviews though. Some fans seem to believe that the rewards are of a good value for the price paid. However, others think that the cosmetics are not that thrilling. That may be about to change though. It appears that Fortnite Crew subscribers may begin to receive more content every month according to a leaked survey.
A Fortnite leaker that has been known to be reliable in the past named iFireMonkey has shared images of the survey. The leaked survey gives a strong insight into what Epic Games could be considering for the future of the Fortnite Crew. Some of the most unique features that Epic Games wants to learn opinions about are the release of bundles with other streaming services and benefits for other games. Also, Fortnite Crew members could see exclu…

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